Hoop dance in Milwaukee!

Welcome to Sparkle and Burn!

The re-birth of the hula-hoop has happened! Hoop dance is a way to build strength, tone muscle, improve rhythm, reconnect with your body, join a supportive community, and hoop dance can spark creativity and self-confidence.

On the Sparkle and Burn website, you will find links to local hoop makers, information on community events, links to other area hoop teacher's sites, and you will be able to register for a hoop classes or workshops or book a performance for your event.

I am Sarah Sparkles, and I am deeply committed to connecting people to hoop dance in whatever format they are seeking, and if you have any questions or would like to connect, please contact me!

For the love of hoop dance!
Welcome, I'm Sarah Sparkles, the founder of Sparkle and Burn Hoop Dance, LLC. Sparkle and Burn was founded in 2009 to give my deep love of hoop dance a home. I have been performing and teaching all over the Midwest ever since. I have a degree in Education from Edgewood College in order to fully develop and hone my teaching techniques and methodology. My performances are sparked by my need for an artistic outlet, and I find myself expanding as a performer and teacher constantly.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin | 414-315-4667