Hoop Links

Here you will find links to hoop shops, hoop community resources, hoop dance teachers, and a few sites that are just cool. 

Find Community!

*Looking for events and community in Milwaukee? 3rd Coast Hoopers and Spinners on Facebook is your Milwaukee source. https://www.facebook.com/groups/128769810507912/

*The site with all the local Madison hoop dance happenings. http://madisonhoopdance.com

*The first online hoop dance resource and community: http://hooping.org

*A great hoop resource center and community, 
founded by Safire http://hoopcity.ca

*A very active hoop community Facebook page,
Unity of the Hula Hoopers http://www.facebook.com/groups/unityofthehulahoopers/


 Find a Hoop!
*Buy local! Buy awesome! Gnar Hoops is your local source for quality, affordable polypro hoops, beautiful tapes, and cost effective LED hoops. Based in Madison and Milwaukee with shipping available worldwide. 




*LED hoops from artisan Rob Grader in Asheville are quality, bright as all get out, and have a port to recharge the hoop in his design. These are top of the line LEDs. http://www.cosmichooper.com/?temp-new-window-replacement=true

Find a Teacher!

*Check out Madison's first hoop dance teacher, founder of Madison Hoop Dance, and community builder extraordinaire, Danielle Lee's site. http://hoopelation.com 

*Check out Milwaukee's first hoop dance teacher. Anna Stone teaches a beginner hoop class. http://www.hoopvive.com/

*Chicago residents can find classes and workshops available here: http://www.chicagohoopdance.net/


More fabulous links!

Do you enjoy looking super fly while out hooping or just around town? Check out Happy World Clothing for unique festival and hoop dance inspired wear. www.happywalletclothing.com